Fun Harry Potter Guided Tours of the UK

In response to the fabulous interest folks all over the world have to the Harry Potter book series and movies, guided tours

involving all things Harry Potter have popped up everywhere. A perfect tour for families and fans alike, many visitors will

come to have a greater appreciation for the filming of this famous series of movies.

Many Harry Potter guided tours begin in London where you’ll visit the London Zoo, called the Little Whinging Zoo in the book.

The scene where Harry speaks to the snake took place in the reptile house at this otherwise wonderful family attraction.

Then, it’s on to the Kings Cross Station, where Harry’s Platform 9 took Harry on the Hogwarts Express.

Many Harry Potter guided tours go straight over from the train station to the Australia House on the Strand, the building

that was transformed into Gringotts Wizarding Bank in the movie. A short ways away is the Charing Cross Road, also known

in the movie as Diagon Alley, where Harry bought his school supplies and his wand.

While in London, Harry Potter guided tours often let you see some of the other more ordinary sites in the city. Don’t forget

to stop at the Westminster Tube Station where Harry and Mr. Weasley stop on their trip to the Ministry of Magic hearing.

Just down the road from the station is the red telephone booth near Scotland Yard that Harry used to get into the Ministry.

A most exciting stop on Harry Potter guided tours is a trip to Oxford where you’ll visit Christ Church College, the site of

many of the interior scenes of Hogwarts Academy, including the great hall, where the students of Hogwarts ate. The Duke

Humphrey’s Library was featured as the library inside Hogwarts. Truly, there are places all over Oxford where Harry Potter

movie scenes were filmed, including the Divinity School, which was turned into the hospital wing at Hogwarts.

On the next stop on many Harry Potter guided tours, you’ll visit Warwick Castle to see what real castle life is like and

you’ll travel to the Cathedral of Gloucester, one of the places where many interior scenes were shot, including those of

Gryffindor’s dormitory. All of the ghost scenes and talking picture scenes were done at the cathedral as well.

Finally, you can visit the medieval village of Lacock-a favorite spot for Harry Potter guided tours. The village inspired

the village of Gordric’s Hollow, where Harry lived with his parents. Several scenes from Hogwarts School for Wizardry and

Magic, including Professor Snape’s classroom in the dungeon, were shot in the village. Visitors may discover that the

village of Lacock was the location of other movies, including Pride and Prejudice.

Many Harry Potter guided tours will offer evening sessions for tour guests to view the movies all over again and discuss

the places they’d visited that day. As there are numerous other attractions along the way, some guided tours will fill in

the time with visits to castle ruins, quaint villages or other historic sites to give guests the full picture of what living

like Harry Potter would be like.

Texas Hold’em Statistics

Texas Hold’em involves a hefty dose of statistics and math. No other poker game draws much on statistics to calculate the odds than Texas Hold’em does. Below are some basic steps to help you with your Texas Hold’em statistics.

Texas Hold’em Statistics – The Concepts Involved

In Texas Hold’em statistics, there are four things you need to consider – the outs, the pot odds, bet odds, implied odds. All these four concepts will help you determine your Texas Hold’em statistics and chances of winning.

The outs in Texas Hold’em statistics are the cards let in the deck. In Texas Hold’em statistics, the pot odds are your chances of raking the pot by computing the current size of the pot and your next call. Bet odds, on the other hand, in Texas Hold’em statistics are the percentage you get when you analyze the number of players who call a raise. And implied odds in Texas Hold’em statistics are odds that you get when you assume the result of the betting for the remaining hands.

Texas Hold’em Statistics – Outs and Pot Odds

The most common Texas Hold’em statistics terms you will meet and use are outs and pot odds. These two are the starting point for those who want to learn more about Texas Hold’em statistics. Calculating your odds is a simple case of division. To get your Texas Hold’em statistics, simply divide the number of outs you have with the number of cards left in the deck. The result would be the Texas Hold’em statistics percentage chance for you to make one of those outs.

At pre-flop, you will be dividing your outs by 50, 47 after the flop, and 46 after the turn. This is how you calculate your Texas Hold’em statistics. So for example, you have a pocket pair of Jacks but the flop does not show another Jack, to find out what your Texas Hold’em statistics and chances of getting a Jack on the turn, you only need to determine your number of outs and the number of cards in the deck. There are two more Jacks of the 47 cards left in the deck. So your Texas Hold’em statistics are 2 to 47 or 4.26%.

Pot odds in Texas Hold’em statistics is as easy to compute as outs. Just compare your chance of winning to the size of the pot and you should be able to get your Texas Hold’em statistics for pot odds. For example, you are playing a $5/$10 pot with Jack-10 facing one opponent on the turn. Your pocket shows a straight draw from a 2/5/9/Q board and you only have one river card left to see if you’re going to make it. An 8 or a King will see you through so your Texas Hold’em statistics for outs is 8 (four 8s and 4 Ks left in the deck) and 46 invisible cards. 8 to 46 are your Texas Hold’em statistics and your only opponent bets $10. If you bet, you could win $200 and since $200 (the size of the pot) divided by $10 is 20, you have twenty times more chances of winning based on your Texas Hold’em statistics. Your Texas Hold’em statistics for pot odds say that it isn’t a bad idea to call.

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Right Size to the Right Home

One of the new buzz words in real estate is “rightsizing”. Rightsizing is about finding the right size home for where you are in your life – people are searching for the perfect space for their needs. This concept not only applies to your search for personal space, it’s also a concept that is being applied to building and city planning. With an aging population, increasing density and a greater emphasis on lifestyle, the switch in thinking from “more space” to “the right space” makes a lot of sense.

Rightsizing is often brought on by a life transition and the accompanying awareness that you have grown out of your current situation – your home just doesn’t “fit” you any longer. There are many things that may trigger this awareness: your last child has left the house, you’ve been laid off or you’ve recently undergone a divorce or the death of a partner. Maybe you’re retiring, want to get control over your rising debt, or an injury or illness makes it just too difficult to tackle the stairs everyday. Whatever the motivation, you’ve realized that it’s time to find a home that is better suited to your needs.

Rightsizing asks you to consider thee things: 1) what is important to you? 2) what are your needs? and 3) what makes you happy? When you know the answer to these questions (or have a fuzzy idea), you can then begin to design your life (and home) accordingly.

Often the rightsizing concept focuses on pairing down your possessions in an effort to get rid of the endless mementos that you’ve been dragging around for decades. It is possible to live a meaningful life without all those things, and by culling your belongings you may be able to live in a smaller, less demanding (or expensive) space. Trading size for lifestyle is also appealing – lose the big house in suburbs for a loft in the city, swapping the commute for convenience and possibly doing away with the expense of a car altogether.

Perhaps a smaller home will allow you to enjoy more of the design features you desire. Your kitchen may be half the size, but you can afford the cabinets you’ve dreamed of and a heated slate floor. Maybe you’ve always longed for a greener life and are willing to trade your urban existence for a little cabin in the woods.

A big focus of rightsizing is to free you from the responsibilities of home owning so that you have more time to do the things you want to – for instance, if you have a big backyard that requires your constant attention, but you would rather spend that time kayaking, traveling or going to the movies then why keep the space? Trading your time-sucking plot for a more manageable patio garden will give you the time back and allow you the freedom to do what makes you happy.

Although much of rightsizing concentrates on moving to a smaller space, this isn’t the only focus. Rightsizing is not so much about choosing a smaller home; it’s about enhancing your environment by understanding what you really want. You might need more space – perhaps an elderly parent is moving in or you dream of starting a home-based business. It might be that you’re considering a move to a home with more square footage, which includes a rental suite so you can generate extra income, allowing you to work less and play more.

There are lots of resources available to help you “rightsize your life”, including a great book with step by step instructions to help you determine what you really need in your life and what you can let go of. A quick search online will turn up lots of inspiration. Remember, this transition may bring up a lot of emotions, but when it’s over you can enjoy your new freedom and the happiness it brings.

Prudential real estate

Prudential real estate

Real estate investments are often termed as hot investments and if done right, they can really yield high returns and that too very quickly. Prudential is a popular name in the world of investments. Prudential financial companies are spread throughout the world and offer wide range of financial services including real estate services (which are also known as Prudential real estate services or just Prudential real estate brokerage services). Prudential real estate network is quite large.

Prudential real estate services start with a tool for finding a home. Enabled by the vast Prudential real estate network, the Prudential real estate home finding service provides you with thousands of listings from various states in the US. This is one wonderful service that also provides you with the access for the multiple listing service in the area of your choice (you need to register for that on the website of Prudential real estate services; this registration is free). Using this service, you can even save homes in your portfolio (i.e. save the details of your choice of homes in your portfolio) and later comeback and view them. You can even request an online home tour. Besides this home finding Prudential real estate service, you can use another service called “Find a neighbourhood service”. Using this Prudential real estate service, you can determine not only the average costs of houses in a particular locality (and you can choose any locality by giving its zip code or postal address) but also things like schools in that area (with full details) and also other demographic, lifestyle details of the area. Prudential real estate goes even further with providing you with a service that automatically provides you updates for homes that match your profile. These updates are provided through email and are based on the profile that you provide to Prudential real estate at the time of registering on their website. Prudential real estate also provides you with guides and tips for buying and selling homes. These guides can help you in enhancing your understanding about real estate and hence aid you in decision making. Prudential real estate services also include relocation services, real estate investments, commercial mortgages and commercial properties. You can even join the Prudential real estate network by becoming their franchisee. So Prudential provides the whole gamut of real estate services that you can utilize for your benefit.

Various Prudential real estate services and the Prudential real estate network can be easily accessed through the Prudential real estate website. The URL for the Prudential real estate website is as follows:,1469,intPageID%253D4512%2526blnPrinterFriendly%253D0,00.html

3 Ways To Get The Lowest Rate On Your Home Equity Loan

Home equity loans are relatively easy to get, even if you have bad credit. Because you are putting your home up as collateral, lenders tend to be more willing to give you money. From a lender’s point of view, it is a low risk situation. Chances are, if your home is on the line you will make repaying your loan a budget priority and if you default on the loan, they will get their money back in the form of your house. With all of the lenders out there wanting to give home equity loans you can afford to be picky and work to get the lowest rate on your home equity loan.

Shop around!

When you decide to take out a home equity loan, you don’t have to get if from the loan department of your bank. You actually stand a better chance of getting a lower interest rate at a bank that you don’t normally do business with. This bank will be looking to get you as a new customer and might be willing to beat your bank’s offer.

Manage Your Credit Score.

Banks don’t just look into your credit history, when deciding whether or not to give you a loan, they also look at your potential for debt. If you have 5 credit cards, each with a zero balance, but with a total credit limit of $100,000 a bank views that as a risk. You have the potential to go into a large amount of debt and that means that you might miss a payment to them. Weed down the amount of credit cards that you use and cancel the cards that you don’t use.

Think outside the box.

You don’t have to go to a bank to get a home equity loan. You might be able to find a lower interest rate at a credit union or mortgage broker. Take advantage of online mortgage lenders and research which companies offer the lowest interest rates. Some lending brokers even make comparisons for you and then get back to you with the name of the company that will save you the most money.

Home equity loans are a great way to get extra cash to pay off debts, pay college tuition, or do a few remodeling projects around the house. Just make sure that you do your homework before you talk to a lender, so that you will get the lowest interest rate around.

The advertising campaigns of iPod and iPod video

The ipod presents, besides an interesting technical evolution, an original and innovative way of promoting and advertising, which differs in style and slogans from the first ads of the first generation of iPods, to the most recent iPod video advertising campaigns.

The first campaigns concentrated upon the new product promoted both the iPod and iTunes brands. These advertising campaigns were leaded by the slogan A thousand songs, in your pocket, which was launched in November 2001. The colors which were selected for the first iPod campaigns were brisk and full of live: turquoise, cyclamen, bright grass green and other joyful nuances were chosen to represent the idea of both music and video, meaning both visual and auditory sensations. The wrap advertising was used, at the same time with the other and more traditional types of BTL advertising: there were various light rail wraps in busy centers or midtowns, using the same visual message as the banners. Large banners and billboards were displayed in various busy centers, with high visibility. The promotion was intense, forward and dynamic, with only intense and optimum quality for all the elements: the colors were vivid, the actual ads were large and the represented images were dynamic. The TV ads were concentrated upon the idea of music, dancing and mobility and the text of these was just limited to the slogan of the product and of the Apple brand (Think clear).

In 2003, the new advertising campaign that Apple introduced was due to the conjunction with the launch of the iTunes music store. The campaign concentrated mostly on the interpretation of popular songs by different persons wearing iPods. This campaign was a big hit, due to the fact that it was based on famous pop, rock and hip hop songs, belonging to artists such as Eminem or Pink.

Later that year, in October 2003, iPod released a new series of ads, based on the silhouette campaign, which was the base for most of the print ads, like banners, billboards and wraps, even from the appearance of the first generation of iPods: the images basically showed black silhouettes of people dancing while wearing iPods. This new campaign was realized based on the same intense colors and dynamic images like the first campaign. Even more, the success of the campaign was owed to the popularity of the performed music, such as The Vines’ Ride, The Caesars’ Jerk it Out, Gorillaz’ Feel Good Inc., Steriogram’s Walkie-Talkie Man, Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Propellerheads’ Take California, Ozomatli’s Saturday Night, N*E*R*D’s Rock Star (Jason Nevin’s Mix), Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out or Daft Punk’s Technologic.

With the release of the new iPod video, the image of the product and its promotion began to change. The slogan of the new product was One more thing…, meaning the new and expected video feature, which was a big plus comparing with the latest model of 2005. The ads for this new product were focused on the video playing capabilities of the device. Actually, the ad featured U2′s Original of the Species from the Vertigo: Live From Chicago DVD. Based on the same idea, there were 2 more videos which featured Eminem and Wynton Marsalis. Still, at the same time, the ad which was presenting the dancing silhouettes continued, but it was modified into something more representative for the new video device: the backgrounds were not simple vivid colors anymore, they were textured and had various patterns, symbolizing the evolution concerning the image and the video properties of the new model of iPod. The 2 variants of the videos featuring the 2 popular artists ranged from an orange urban theme of the hip hop music to a cool blue one of the jazz look.

The latest iPod ad, released in March 2006 is not based on the silhouette style anymore; instead, the producers opted for a video showing various CD covers, integrating in an iPod nano, under the same older slogan A thousand songs, in your pocket.

El Cozumeleno Beach Resort All Inclusive

El Cozumeleno Beach Resort all inclusive is located on a white sand beach of Isla Cozumel, in the Northern Hotel Zone. This is a luxurious resort facing the crystal clear Mexican Caribbean waters. The resort is near the beach and only 5 minutes away from the shopping and downtown area. The El Cozumeleno Beach Resort all inclusive is a great way to enjoy your vacation with unparalleled hotel services and facilities. You can relax, have fun and maybe even find romance.

Are you a fan of golf? Is your ideal recreation playing an eighteen-hole golf course? Then the El Cozumeleno Beach Resort all inclusive is your paradise. There is a PGA Golf Course right across the street from the resort. The best part is that all the guests staying at the El Cozumeleno Beach Resort all inclusive receives a 30% discount. You will not find a deal as good as this anywhere else.

The El Cozumeleno Beach Resort all inclusive has 252 spacious rooms that are decorated beautifully and the interiors are very elegant. Every room in the El Cozumeleno Beach Resort all inclusive has facilities such as air conditioning, international telephone with direct dial, satellite television, two double beds or a king size bed, safety deposit boxes, hair dryer and private balconies with a great view of the beach.

There are a range of activities provided by the El Cozumeleno Beach Resort all inclusive such as snorkeling lessons, introductory lessons in scuba diving, kayaking, volleyball, aerobics, bicycle tours and wind surfing, all at no extra cost. If this is not enough excitement for you then you can arrange other activities like Deep Sea Fishing, Scuba Diving Tours, Parasailing and Jet Skis.

There are two restaurants at the El Cozumeleno Beach Resort all inclusive – La Veranda Restaurant and El Cocal Restaurant. The El Cocal serves buffet breakfast, lunch as well as dinner and you can enjoy a great view of the Caribbean while you dine. La Veranda provides fine dining with a la Carte cuisine.

The El Cozumeleno Beach Resort all inclusive also has lounges and bars. A snack bar by the pool serves international and local brand drinks along with snacks through the day. The pool and bananas bar are the other bars on site.

Internet access terminal, 24-hour front desk, on-site shopping, non-smoking rooms, room service, baggage check, wake up calls, courtesy room, concierge, safety deposit box, cribs, rollaway beds, babysitting services and housekeeping are just some of the amenities offered by the El Cozumeleno Beach Resort all inclusive.

Boxing Shoes For Better Footwork

If you are serious about becoming a good boxer you need to have the good footwork that only the proper boxing shoes can supply. It does not matter whether or not you are so fast you can move without being seen. If you can not manage to keep your feet working right, the match will be lost. Being able to keep your balance and remain standing if you get hit along with dodging blows are all part of what good footwork can provide for you.

In order to make your footwork all it can be, you need shoes that are perfect for your feet. This means shoes of the highest quality that will keep you where you need to be with your footwork. There are some things that you need to consider when picking out your boxing shoes.

The materials used and the way the shoes are made is very important. They need to be lightweight since you will be jumping around quite a bit. Most shoes are made of suede and leather with support on the bottom of the shoes as well as effective treading. However, there are shoes with non-slip soles so that you do not fall down in the boxing ring. For the most comfortable and ventilated shoes, leather is best. However, they are also more expensive so you may not want to spend that much money unless you are training professionally or you just have the extra money to spend.

Boxing shoes are also available in various colors and designs but you need to be just as careful when shopping for these shoes as for any others. You will require a perfect fit to the benefit from them most. When you try on the shoes, walk around some to check for any discomfort. The type of shoes also makes a difference. You can choose from either low top or high top shoes for the fit that is best for you.

Get Affordable House Stereo Amplifiers

One of the greatest site on the web in which possess a substantial collection of Home Audio Amplifiers . The web site operates many type of discounts to support people spend less money when you are contemplating acquiring a new house audio system or installing a new one.

So you experienced great seem in your auto and you want to bring the identical music to your living space. This is achievable. Residence audio subwoofers are now obtainable for your obtain. When investing in one, the same rules on vehicle audio tracks subwoofers apply. In a home theater system, the subwoofer is the biggest speaker. This is generally hidden in the back of the space but this is the unit that carries the lowest bass noise signals. When you’re watching a movie that showcases the appear of thunder or the crash of earthquake, you would consider that it is really happening within your property.

If you have 1, it’s like you brought the motion picture residence to your loved ones. You can genuinely be immersed in the DVDs that you pop in. Individuals who want to acquire are on a lookout for good searching subwoofers to add to their home theater seem program. Residence audio tracks subwoofers, even when hidden, are even now developed for aesthetic purposes. There is something about speakers that are appealing to the audiophile and the film lover. It might not be as portable as automobile subwoofers so if you are getting 1, make sure that this is the 1 you will actually use in your property. This ought to also be one thing that you can gain from for a extended period time. The very first issue you ought to do is set it up in such a way that it will appear great in your residing area. The wires shouldn’t be cluttered. You can do this by acquiring the high-gauge cables and arranged it up around the speakers.

You must also double check no matter whether the amplifier goes nicely with your subwoofers and speakers. Like in automobile subwoofers, the house audio subwoofers should be compatible with both the speakers and the amplifier. You might have the best notch property audio subwoofers available in the marketplace nowadays but if these don’t operate nicely with your speakers and your amplifiers, then it would just be pointless. Setting it up is simple, you can even do it your self. You just have to connect the line degree cable from the subwoofer preamp output of the AV receiver. Then you can plug this into the subwoofer. When you turn this on, modulate the volume in your ideal amount. You can also manipulate the settings so that the house audio tracks subwoofers give you the sound that you’ve been meaning to hear.

Commonly Used Chemistry Lab Equipment and Its Uses

The professionals who work in chemistry labs and other facilities require efficient chemistry lab equipment to perform their jobs. While some labs require specialized equipment to address specific research and diagnostic applications, there is a variety of lab equipment and essentials that are used generally. This article discusses commonly used chemistry lab equipment and its uses.

Chemistry Lab Equipment to Serve a Variety of Purposes

Chemistry lab equipment is used for variety of purposes such as for chemical analysis, for assessing a wide range of conditions and the functions of organs, for holding samples, for heating and measuring solutions, for mixing different types of liquids, to analyze samples, and more. To carry out all these purposes, different types of devices are needed. Most lab apparatus comes equipped with advanced features and incorporates highly advanced technology, which ensures functionality, reliable service, and accurate analytical results.

Commonly Used Equipment in Chemistry Labs

Glassware: Commonly used laboratory equipment includes glassware. Glassware comprises a variety of equipment ranging from beakers, Erlenmeyer Flasks, test tubes, and more. Beakers are multipurpose lab containers used to hold and heat liquids. Erlenmeyer Flasks are essential to heat and store liquids. The advantage of the Erlenmeyer Flask is that the bottom has a wide area, so that a greater surface area is exposed to the heat. Other essential products that belong under this category include pipettes, pipette tips, shakers, filters, stirrers, mixers, rotators and disruptors.

Analyzers: Laboratory analyzers are indispensable in chemistry labs. Chemistry analyzers are used for carrying out a range of diagnostic functions, such as routine analysis of albumin, creatinine, glucose, bilirubin, and more. You can find fully automated chemistry analyzers, which are used to perform research functions at a faster rate and provide results within a minimum span of time.

Measuring Instruments – Balances and scales are used to measure the weight of a sample and determining its mass. There are several different types of balances and scales used in laboratory. These include:

  • Mechanical
  • Portable
  • Precision
  • Analytical

Microscopes: Microscopes are used extensively in chemistry labs for variety of purposes. These are beneficial for sample preparation, bulk sample analysis, and more.

Consumables and supplies – Apart from the specific lab equipment, reagents, controls, consumables are essential items that a lab requires for routine applications.

Other Types of Chemistry Laboratory Apparatus

Apart from the above mentioned essentials, other chemistry lab equipment that are commonly used in laboratories include centrifuges, refrigerators and freezers, water baths, dry baths, hot plates, and so forth.

To run your practice more efficiently, make sure that you equip your lab with such commonly used chemistry lab equipment. Technologically advanced devices enter the market every day. So ensure that you purchase equipment with technologically advanced features and also learn all its uses before you start. It is best to rely on any leading laboratory equipment supplier to purchase laboratory equipment. There are many providers offering a wide inventory of new and recertified models of important medical laboratory equipment. Apart from product sales, a reputable dealer can deliver excellent sales advice, installation services and post-sales support.